It’s been a very busy month for our teams at Hubber. We were preparing for the public launch. We made the applications a lot better, delivered new features, started marketing & so on.

We decided to get rid of versioning and deliver new features & bug fixes as soon as they are ready & tested. And publish a monthly article about those changes. We think this is a better approach to continuous integration and development. Because we deploy without disruption of any kind, having versioning like 1.01, 1.02 you get it, is not a wise choice. We then need to keep track of everything by useless numbers.

So to cut it short, let’s see what changed in August:


Messenger got lots of tweaks to have better performance and UX. Here’s the list:

  • Refactored file upload, Now its blazing fast to send/receive files
  • Improved pre-chat data collection
  • Support our new Round-Robin assignment strategy
  • Improved in styles, positions, RTL & typographies
  • Showing agents offline when an organization is out of office hours


Our dashboard got a lot better. Now you and your customer support reps can be there for users faster and easier than before. Here’s the list:

  • Now dashboard supports Avatar Enrichment by email
  • Added password helper feature
  • Improved in contacts list (Now it shows Avatars and the sorting is correct)
  • A bug where stopped visited pages section in Inbox to function is fixed
  • We developed a new component for Avatars, it generates great avatar placeholders and made the Inbox a lot eye-friendly
  • The dashboard now receives push notifications on each new message, and it’s fast!
  • Onboarding helper added to help you see the real value of the software
  • Quick replies are more reliable and quicker than before

Core services

  • Now attachments are hosted in-house and in a cluster to increase the availability
  • Backend processes data 30% faster than before
  • Login service won’t log you out if you’re computer is locked for a relatively long period.
  • Knowledge Base service got its multilingual touch.
  • Our log service is now more reliable; this helps us identify errors you might receive faster and give you prioritized and proactive support.

And that’s not all! 🙂

If you are interested in trying out Hubber’s live chat software, please click the link below. No credit card required, no strings attached, no hidden fees & …

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