If you are reading this post, it means You’re one of our early users, or maybe years later, you landed on this page. In both cases, thank you!

I’m not going to explain how we got here; that would be another blog post (s). But after one consistent year of development, we released a beta version of Hubber, and our friends started to use it.

what is Hubber? What does it mean?

Let’s start with a short sentence:

Hubber is a hub for you and your customers. Provide live chat support across multiple channels at scale, hassle-free.

Me, after banging my head against the wall to find a descriptive and short explanation.

After hours of searching and changing the name over the course of two years that we wanted to build this software, Reza came up with Hubber, and the other Masoud and I liked it

And yes, we’re three co-founders, and the two of us are named Masoud.

Hubber is simply a live chat software, at least for now. But we have a lot to offer. I’m proud of my team, and I’m sure we can make a big difference in this industry. We may be a marketing automation software, support software, or even a CRM in a few months or years. I’m not sure. This is the nature of the startup world. You’re not sure about anything. So let’s see how things turn out.

Let’s get back to what you can do with Hubber

You can install our Messenger in less than 5 minutes; you just need to signup and copy a simple code to your site’s code. I don’t want this post to be a full features list (you can see all the current and upcoming features here on the pricing page). I will just show some parts, inviting you to join yourself and try it out!

Shared Inbox

In the Shared Inbox, you can see all of your conversations. In the following weeks, you can connect the Shared Inbox to other tools to bring conversations from other places and handle all of them in one place.

You can assign topics to another team member, filter topics by status, see what pages the user has visited, add private notes, send pre-written quick replies, and so on.

Messenger Customization

You can customize Hubber’s Messenger (or widget) in lots of ways. You can customize the look, all the texts, positions, images &, etc.

General settings and Assignment Rules

In the General settings, you can define other languages that your organization supports, define your timezone and country, and the assignment rules. let me explain:

Reactive Mode

In this mode, new chat requests (we call them Topic), will be broadcast to all of your team members, and the first person who responds will continue this topic.

Round Robin

In the Round Robin mode, Our system will intelligently distribute topics equally between your online team members. This can help with balancing the workload between your sales & support teams.

Team Members & Teams

In the teams and team members section, you can invite your team members, group them (like creating a support team, a financial team, and a sales team) to handle only job-related topics.

Working Hours

You can set up a working hours schedule to avoid over-working outside of office hours. We will show a notice to your customer letting them know it’s not the working hours and they should wait until the next day (or the schedule you select).

Multilingual system

We designed the software to be totally customizable in text and definitions. You can translate every text and interaction with your customers in every single part of the dashboard. Even if your organization only provides support in English, you can still use your creativity to write creative texts 🙂

Try it out yourself

I tried to show you what you can do with Hubber. But that’s not all. Again, I’m inviting you to try mentioned parts and also other parts of the software.

We appreciate every single comment and feedback you may have and we will be honored to see you using Hubber as a Hub for you and your customers! 🙂

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