Business is a machine that, if you want to succeed, all its gears need to work correctly. A great product improves customer satisfaction; an excellent customer experience helps marketing generate leads, and great marketing increases sales.

Live chat is the newest arm for customer support. A little more than one-third of marketers use live chat to increase sales and generate more leads. Try to be one of them!

According to Forrester, live chat can increase lead generation by up to 40%. Live chat is a great tool to fill your bank of emails and phone numbers. With the combination of chatbots and live agents, live chat will be a nonstop lead gathering machine.

Why can live chat help to generate leads?

It’s simple. Customers love to use live chat. For this reason, many business managers have decided to add a live chat widget to their websites. There are many features of live chat which help managers to increase leads.

Being Personal: Do you know why people prefer to buy stuff from offline shops? Because it is more personal. They make conversation with shopkeepers face to face. Live chat adds humanity to your website. Live agents can solve customers’ problems and communicate with them. Show that you are interested in helping them. Don’t just answer their particular questions.

Instant messages: Most customers are not patient. They are always in a hurry and want to learn fast. Email ticketing and phone calls are not fast enough to answer them. So, almost 79% of consumers like to interact through live chat because of a fast response. It reduces the average time of the sales process, increases customer loyalty, and generates more leads.

What can we do to generate leads with live chat?

When you install a live chat widget on your website, you’ll face a world of features that help you to start generating leads. What are these features? Ok, follow me!

Live chat is fast

Today, speed rate is a high priority in the customer support industry. That’s why live chat is a popular way to support customers. Responding fast is critical, so sales and customer satisfaction will explode if you increase the speed rate in answering customers.

fast response is a key factor in customer experience
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In contrast to the phone call and email, live chat is a proactive support channel. You don’t need to wait for a customer call or email. A live agent could send a message instantly when a visitor lands on a page.

Quick replies and smart routing enables you to respond faster than phone support and email ticketing. You can lead prospects to the sales team to complete the process.

Automate sales leads with chatbots

AI is a must-have technology in today’s businesses. This high tech can be used in many services include customer support. Chatbots that AI empowers will improve sales and lead generation.

Chatbots are always awake up and ready to serve. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 2 p.m. or 12 midnight. They can ask specified questions prepared by the sales manager and recognize the intent of visitors.

You should adjust your chatbots to follow the specific journey of any customer. They never should ask customers similar questions. Train your website AI to act appropriately on any page like home, product, and blog.

It would be better if your bots could guess the customer goals. Every visitor on your homepage or blog posts has a purpose in mind. It’s your task to identify it.

Automated triggers

Several automation activities help you to engage your visitors in real-time. One of them is a greeting message. You can customize greeting messages based on visitors’ native language to improve your personality.

A chatbot could send a friendly greeting message to the new visitor and then ask for more information. For example, your bot can send a form and ask the user to fill it up.

The next one is to welcome back returning visitors. They are more critical because they are more interested in your business and products. The last is about being proactive. Usually, visitors leave your website after some time, so engaging them and generating leads is vital. 

Connect to CRM tools

Live chat could be part of CRM. You can connect your live chat to customer relationship management, gather information from website real-time chats, and store them on CRM.

Marketing and customer support today are all about automation. CRM integration could make a detailed resolution of the customer journey. Your agents get a better understanding of customer history and can make better decisions.

Train your live chat team

Put all tools and resources aside; human resources are the key to customer experience. Live chat gives you many facilities, but you have to train your agents to use them properly. Customers rely on your support agents, so they need to be well prepared.

Train your live chat team.
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Agents should do their duties very well; I mean, they have to listen to customers actively, answer their questions quickly, help them proactively and personalize their conversations.

Offline forms

Offline forms are the best way to get leads when your sales team is home or sleeps! It could collect all the necessary information like name, email, phone number, and customer messages. Chatbots are the other way that automates the process of conversation with the customer. Chatbots are more productive and dynamic.

Route sales chat to the right team

Every visitor who comes to your website has a different situation. They could be new, returning, or old customers. It would be better if you could transfer every one of them to the right team for getting support.

For example, the sales team should deal with new visitors, and support agents should deal with old customers. Therefore, you can reduce the response time and connect users to the right team instantly.

You can even use tags to organize chats. If you add tags to every query, then all agents could identify their conversations.

Use analytics

One of the critical moves in building a business is understanding the customer, recognizing their behaviors, and identifying their top problems. Chat Analytics tells you about popular pages, spent time on pages, customer behavior, and more. 

It would help if you made your customer profile richer. To do that, you can use chat histories, notes, tags, attributes, and more to organize customers.

It is best if you define your future strategies based on accurate data from live chat analytics. Suppose you focus on web traffic, top FAQs, Possible product opportunities, etc. You can define a winner strategy for your business.

Opt-in for SMS email and messenger

The live chat system includes a functional feature that facilitates your marketing and online supporting activities. You can integrate different channels, like SMS, email, Hubspot, and more, into the live chat and bring all messages together. 

Moreover, you can collect leads for your SMS and email subscriber list during live chat. Users in live chat are interested in your company, so they are good prospects to work on.

Engage visitors leaving the cart

Often, visitors choose a few products, and the cart is ready to be paid for. Customers forget to purchase for many reasons. One of the common reasons is that they surf the web, open many tabs, or watch videos and get distracted. 

If you notice a considerable delay between adding products and completing shopping, you should notify them of the purchase.

Humans can change the world. Compelling customer to purchase is not that hard. If customers quit buying a product, at least you can ask for contact information or feedback.

Offer coupons, discounts, trials

Pricing is always an essential factor in buying products. Many customers complete all shopping stages but leave the cart because the price is unacceptable. 

Offering a coupon with a one-day deadline is an excellent way to attract leaving customers and make them back to purchase. 

offer discounts to make visitors stay.
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It’s better first ask them for contact information, then offer a discount. When you have the contact information, you are more open to doing many things with the customer.


After all, we said, I bet you are thinking about adding a live chat widget to your website. It could change your strategies through marketing and customer support; I mean it.

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