The digital marketing trends for 2021 appear to be centered on two separate but virtually opposing themes. The first is a broad humanization, which involves addressing genuine concerns and customizing material to the individual (rather than a mass appeal) to increase personal involvement. Second, improving the behind-the-scenes aspects like SEO and how you build campaigns—the nitty-gritty that your delighted consumers don’t see—is a lot more mechanical and technical optimization. This article will cover top digital marketing trends for 2021 that you can use to give your business, whether small or big, a real boost.

Feature Snippet and No-click Searches

For many years, the objective of SEO has been to bring your listing to the top of the search results in “position number one.” In 2021, the end goal is to increase SEO exposure to be in the zero position instead of one.
This position is related to the featured snippet of Google, which is the most significant digital marketing trend compared to others in 2021. The highlighted snippet differs from other search results entries in that it is separated from the rest by a tiny box and appears at the top. More significantly, it provides more relevant information in an attempt to answer the user’s inquiry without requiring them to click on it, earning it the moniker “no-click search.”

If you want to target featured snippets yourself, there are a few things you need to know. First, featured snippets are mainly used for long-tail keyword phrases, such as questions (“how to design a logo”). They come in different forms, from step-by-step lists to simple definitions and even videos (and so on), so combine your content with the appropriate format.
In the content you create, ensure you answer the main question plainly and compactly, ideally with bulleted lists or a table.

Ad Blockers

The digital marketing patterns of 2021 aren’t about inspiration and progress—it’s likewise about defeating impediments like advertisement blockers. With 27% of web clients expected to utilize advertisement blockers in 2021, numerous advertisers have their essential stream of traffic cut off at the source, including PPC campaigns.
If you have an advertisement that ad-blocker services might block, you need to move to better and fruitful campaigns. Some of the campaigns include sponsored content or influencer marketing. They are the best to gain the audience’s response; hence, making this change is vital to your business’s survival.

Improving SEO Using Image and Video for Visual Searches

We all see search as typing our keywords in one of the search engines, such as Google. Did you know that it is possible to submit visual content like images or videos for search? This new trend has changed the SEO landscape. But how can you improve your visual SEO? Below are some tips you can apply to all your visual content to be better off in digital marketing.

  • Add an alt text to your images
  • Create an image sitemap for your website
  • Use SEO keywords in the name of your visual file
  • Use HD quality images and videos

Interactive Content

This trend cannot be considered something new, but the popularity of interactive content has reached an apex in 2021. It not only increases engagement but also increases the enjoyment of users. Hence, you can ask questions at the end of your blog posts to ask your audience’s ideas and comments. You can also add quizzes, surveys, contests, and open-ended questions to your content. This will help you keep up with the latest algorithms regarding user interaction. Always remember that interaction can enhance the user experiences of your website.

Customer Segmentation

The idea of segmenting customers is new among trends, and it is pretty simple. Instead of using large marketing campaigns to target a large audience, you can use smaller campaigns to target specific audience groups. Hence, you can divide your customers based on their behavior, age, habits, etc. For example, having two separate email lists for different customers and sending other bulletins highlighting various items.

Local SEO

The local SEO algorithm of Google is among the ones that are frequently updated. And it is essential for local businesses to update their appearance in local results, as well. If you are selling your products or services in your area, local SEO is of utmost importance for you, and you should prioritize your local SEO over the broad one.
It would be best if you worked on Google to recognize you as a valid and verified business. To this end, you need to sign up for Google My Business. This is essentials to achieve higher ranks in Google SERPs. The added benefit of this method is that Google will provide additional information about your business (including contact number, open hours, and address) in the search results.
A great tip to improve search results and SEO is to include your city name as one of the main keywords. If there is a landmark near your business, you can refer to it a few times in your content to help improve search results.


Consumers are moving toward environmentalism these days. So, if you are selling products or services, try to highlight the tasks you do to improve the environment. People love eco-friendly brands.

Final Words

Digital marketing is the new language to survive in today’s world. But keeping current with the latest trends is the key to success amid the competing brands. So, by using the marketing trends noted above, you can improve your marketing and take your business to new levels of success. Remember that hit in 2021 heavily relies on how you appear on the World Wide Web.

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